Five is one year old. Like a tree, I feel like I’ve earned another ring around my trunk, as well as a passel of new friends in my inbox and in the comments field, and out in the world at large. I’m grateful for all of it—and all of you.

While there’s a whole lifetime’s worth of true stories left to tell—many that haven’t even happened yet—it’s also a good place to stop and look around, to feel the parts of myself and my work that have stretched and changed with this year of growth. I’m going to step away from this project to work on a few other creative things that have been itching at me, but I want to thank you sincerely for giving me the opportunity to share these little pieces with you here, and for helping me face my fears about putting work out into the universe and letting it have its wings.

This year has been incredibly special, and I’m changed by it. I hope you’ll go forward into the world to live and record your own true stories, and that you find fearlessness, adventure, and humor in every day.

With good wishes and much gratitude,


Photo by Flickr user Playingwithbrushes


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